Lemon Dorm Wreath

If you know my family at all, you know that my younger sister, Lydia, is nicknamed Lemon. It fits her personality perfectly and she loves eating them! So while we were getting ready to move her into her freshman dorm last week, I knew I wanted to make something for her that showcased her love of lemons. Inspired by Instagram’s  @kasiaizabella, I decided to make her a lemon wreath!

This was a ton of fun because it was the first wreath I had ever attempted to create! Thanks to @kasiaizabella’s deconstructed picture I was able to determine exactly what I needed for the wreath.


The wreath base is only 8″ since I wanted it to be small enough to put in her dorm. I ordered the base from Amazon and got the rest of my wreathing supplies from Hobby Lobby (my favorite place lately!).

I started by placing the leaves where I wanted them and hot gluing them into place.


Then I went in and stuck the curly sticks for added effect. The pink is so perfect for Lydia’s room and made the wreath that much cuter.


Then came the lemons! It took a while to get the lemons situated exactly where I wanted them but it came out so perfect and Lydia loves it!



Stay Sweet,




Lessons from my Internship

I have been incredibly busy this summer between getting married, finishing my degree, applying for jobs, and completing my internship at the Clinton Foundation, but this summer has also been one of my greatest learning experiences. The opportunities I have gotten to experience are truly once in a lifetime.

I have gotten to meet and escort the First African-American Secretary of Labor, sit in on a lecture given by the Right Honorable Tony Blair, meet the CEOs of my husband and my jobs, and meet President Clinton himself! It has been a whirlwind of a summer that I will never forget. As my internship comes to a close, I wanted to take note of a few things I have been taught over the summer.

Organization is Key

I was constantly surprised by how many times I was praised for my organization. Whether that be in my school binder, my notes, or the projects I was assigned. My manager was more willing to give me larger projects because he knew that I could keep it organized and it would be well done.

Use Your Voice

Just a few days ago I was preparing for an event with one of my managers and mentioned that working events was what I loved to do. She turned to me shocked and said, “Why didn’t you say something sooner?!” She immediately began planning ways to get me more involved with everything for events, from flowers to table seating. It surprised me how willing she was to help me rather than me assisting her. She berated me later for not speaking up because I would never get where wanted unless I asked for it.

Have a Mission

In my leadership class last spring we had to create a personal mission statement that would reflect why we were trying for a degree. I remember being pretty proud of my mission statement but never using it again after that class. During a panel discussion with Presidents Bush and Clinton and the Right Honorable Tony Blair, Blair said “If you go on to have a leadership position, do it for a mission, not for a position” and it had a huge impact on me. What was my mission? This entire experience has made me rethink where I’m headed and how I’m trying to get there.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to have gotten to intern at such an amazing workplace and learn so much about what goes into making a non-profit foundation work.


Lessons from a CEO

Recently I was given the chance to meet Donna Shalala, the CEO of the Clinton Foundation, where I am currently an intern. The interns were invited to have breakfast with Donna and Kevin Thurm, the COO of our organization. It had barely begun when I reached into my purse for my notepad to start taking notes. There was so much to learn from them and I wanted to share some of the lessons with you!

Vary Your Career

Donna and Kevin could not stress enough that your career should be varied rather than working for one company for an extended period of time. They were more inclined to pick an applicant with a more varied career because it showed flexibility and adaptability. When an applicant has worked one place for a while there is a question of whether they can adapt to a new environment.

Force Yourself to Learn Something

During the breakfast, Donna said one of her main regrets was that she never learned more languages. One of the main topics of the talk was education and how we should take any learning opportunity that came our way. Kevin stressed that we should get out of our comfort zones and always force yourself to learn something from everything we do.

You’re Not Able to be Everything You Could Be

One thing Kevin said that stuck with me is when he spoke about Callings vs. North Stars. Callings are when someone knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are supposed to be doing this career. A North Star is something that you enjoy and could be good at. A person could have any number of north stars but you can only have one calling. Sometimes a person never has a calling at all, and when that happens you have to pick a North Star to follow, but you can only follow one.

I learned so many things from this experience and as my internship draws to a close I can’t wait to see what else I learn in the last few weeks of this experience.


Clinton Foundation Interns with Donna Shalala and Kevin Thurm

How to Embarass Yourself at Your New Job

Earlier this week I started my first everyday, 9 to 5, big girl job. It’s the perfect position for me at my first choice location. I’m working with communications, education, and events, it’s a paid internship, not to mention it fulfills the requirements for my internship semester so I can graduate in August. My first few days have gone by great barring one little thing.

I can’t stop embarrassing myself. 

I don’t know how I keep doing it but it keeps happening. 

For example, my first day I didn’t have to be at the office until ten. I thought “Great! I can get up at 8 and shower and get breakfast writhing plenty of time!” Now, if you know me at all you know that getting out of bed seems to be the most impossible thing at any time, much less at 8 when I’ve been sleeping in until at least 9:30. I finally rolled out of bed at 8:30, got breakfast and hopped into the shower at right about 9. Still plenty of time right? Right! Until you remember that I have wildly curly and unpredicable hair. Now don’t stress! I got to work on time, ten minutes early in fact! Just with sopping wet hair because my hair takes forever to dry. No granted, wet hair is pretty low on the totem pole of things that could have gone wrong that morning. But on the other hand, first impressions are a big deal and needless to say I was not up to my own standard. 

Another example is the very next day. There is only one bathroom on the entire office floor but typically it’s not busy. I walked in and shut the door, thinking it locked behind me, but just twenty seconds into my trip one of my (luckily female) colleagues walks in. Cue the blushing. Again, not to the worst thing, but definitely embarrassing enough that I wanted to go hide in a corner so I wouldn’t see her again.

So even though I’m sure nobody needs help embarrassing themselves on the job, I’m always willing to give tips! 

My Fitness Journey: The Beginning

 I am not a large girl. I have never been called fat or overweight. But that does not mean I am healthy.

When I was in high school I was in dance class at least two days a week, sometimes more. And don’t even get me started on the 4 hour dance rehearsals for musical. But since graduating I have to admit, I’ve been a slob. I could care less about what I eat (as long as it’s cheap) and forget working out. I am one of Netflix’s greatest binge watchers.

Recently I’ve started to notice the weight gain more and more. For a few months now, Colton and I will be sitting on the couch and I’ll blurt out “I feel fat” or “I need to lose weight” and each time he offers to go running with me and Penny, but I never take him up on the offer because I’m not motivated. My mindset totally changed when we got engaged. Everyone always talks about working out to look good for the wedding, I just never thought I’d be one to take up exercising just because I got engaged. Yet at my dress fitting last week, the weight gain was obvious (and my seamstress hadn’t taken any in at the sides). I felt uncomfortable by the fact you could see the weight. I immediately decided that my life style was going to change. The stress of finding an internship (post coming soon), planning a wedding, getting a promotion at work, on top of everyday school stress had pushed me to the point where I didn’t care about what I was eating or if I was moving from the couch and getting off the computer.

So my journey started there, in a back room of my seamstress’s house. I cut out all beverages but water and started calorie counting. I’ve been doing really well (for my first two days at least). I even went and worked out last night! I have never been one to go the gym and workout but I have to admit, it felt good to be moving that much and to know I was doing it to get healthy.

Do you guys have any tips, motivation, or healthy recipes? Leave a comment!


Surprise Party Proposal

SURPRISE!! I’m engaged!!! Colton totally took me by surprise on Saturday and planned a whole day for us that ended in him asking me to be his wife, and of course I said yes! I guess a little of my event planning has rubbed off on him because never before has he planned something this elaborate for me.

It started last June when he decided he was going to throw a surprise birthday party for me. In January. Last month, after my older sister’s wedding, Colton showed up at my parents’ house while I was still in San Antonio to ask my dad to dinner where he would ask for his blessing. After receiving it, he began the real planning. He invited all of my friends, asked off for me at work, and got his mom involved for flowers and decorations.

He had told me he wanted to spend all day Saturday with me, which wasn’t too out of the normal. But then he told me he had everything planned out for us and thats when I got skeptical. He cleverly threw me off his trail by ‘telling’ me when he was proposing (a week later than he actually did) and I was so mad at him, thinking he had ruined it! I was so wrong!

So finally the day came and it started off with a grueling and freezing hike up a mountain with our dogs. Then he took me to lunch and wanted to go to the mall. This is a man who NEVER wants to go to the mall. EVER. So off we went (after changing out of the icky hiking clothes into cute clothes). We walked around for quite a while until he said that his brother wanted the dogs home so they could be rested for hunting later that night. We left the mall, grabbed the puppies, and headed to his house. Right before turning on his street he told me he wanted to get me another present besides what he had already gotten me but I had to close my eyes until he told me to open them (this is when I started suspecting a party). He walked me in and I was blown away by all of the people he had gotten to come.

IMG_0722He gave me a tiara because I was the princess and had princess decorations everywhere!

IMG_0728Towards the end of opening my presents, Colton handed me the gift from my parents. A beautiful pandora charm for my bracelet. An engagement ring charm. I sat there, rather awkwardly, telling my parents it was beautiful with a very confused look on my face. I looked over at Colton and he says “There’s been something I’ve been meaning to ask you” and got down on one knee. Cue the tears. IMG_0752

It was a perfect moment. Surrounded by friends and family and everyone I’d ever want there. Get ready for a lot of wedding posts! June 10, 2016, here we come!


Time to be Real

208992_3648178116091_551449377_nI am hurting. Colton and I have so many big plans that we have dreamed up because that’s the way our wonderful parents raised us. But we’ve gone about it all wrong.

We’ve made so many mistakes and never taken the time to admit them. We started talking about marriage too soon. We got a dog without thinking through where we would keep it and how we would pay for it. We’re planning a wedding with basically zero savings to speak of. Oh, and we’ve already committed to a fairly pricy spring break trip that we can’t back out of (and we wouldn’t want to anyway).

My head hurts almost as much as my heart does. I am stressed out and scared and I still have a long way to go. I’ve only bought half of my books for the semester. I might need a second job on top of my 19 hour school load, and I need an internship to start in May, preferably a paying one so I can help Colton with bills and start paying off the $41,000 in student debt we’ll have when we graduate.

How in the middle of all of this can I find peace? Well, it starts with taking a deep breath, getting down on my knees, and begin for help from the One who saved me so many years ago. One of my mom’s favorite verses is Jeremiah 29:11 “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'” Christ has walked before us and made a path for us. It’s not an easy path. In fact, it’s just the opposite. It’s full go tears and heartache and frustration. But getting to the end of the path is the reward, and I will get there.


Concerto Proposal

On the first day of first grade Sam came home to his mom and told her he had met the most beautiful girl in the world, that her name was Emily, and that he was going to marry her. Fifteen years later, he planned the perfect proposal to ask her just that.

Emily and Sam were best friends for years, they had tried dating before and it just never clicked, but in their sophomore year at college they realized there was never anyone else for them.

Sam, a vocal music major, was preparing for his upcoming senior recital and a little something special afterward. As part of his music fraternity, it is a tradition to sing a song to the special ladies present at the reception of the concert. Sam’s fraternity brothers brought his mom, Emily, and her mom to three special seats and began their song. About midway through the song, all of the boys got down on one knee and it was then that Sam’s brother placed the ring box in Sam’s hand.


After repeating that he had loved her since the first grade, Sam asked Emily the question every girl dreams she’ll hear, and she said yes!


Stay tuned for their wedding post next year!

Learning to Say No


I am one of those people who loves to stay busy. I love being involved and bring able to say that I accomplished something (or many things) at the end of the day. But at times, I can have trouble saying no to things I want to do, whether I have time for it or not.

This semester (as I’ve mentioned before) is insanely busy. I’ve got work, 18 hours of class, worship team, and boyfriend. Last year, I also got involved with the Wesley Ministry’s acting team. I really enjoyed it and the people I met through it. This year I had planned to do it again, just with a smaller part due to my lack of time.

Then I found out that our play week was the same as my younger sisters. This immediately cut down on any chance I had of having a speaking part because I would have to miss one night for her show (it’s her senior play, I can’t and don’t want to miss it).

And then, I realized how busy I was. On Monday I had class at 9, work at 11, play practice at 6, band meeting at 7:30, and I still had three homework assignments, needed to go grocery shopping, and was in immense back pain. I really had no other choice but to back out of the play. Since it is still early and my part was minuscule (a.k.a made-up), it was an easy transition and my leader completely understood and supported my decision.

Basically this is to say, take your time and don’t over extend yourself like I did. You’ll save yourself a lot of stress.